Lotus Leaf Canvas/Boards

Our canvas is carefully crafted with a real lotus leaf sustainably grown in farms of Thailand, which is cherry-picked for the best quality and durability to achieve ideal finishes. No two lotus leaf canvases are alike! Your canvas is one and only in this world! 

Firstly, we harvest only the best lotus leaves, this alone is a challenging process because they are so delicate. The leaves are then soaked in our all-natural preservative solution. The freshly cut leaves literally pull the solution in through their veins so that the leaves don’t become brittle and crack. This process is incredibly timely and requires a lot of care.


It is during this process that we remove the ultra-hydrophobic barrier that exists on the outside of the leaf. This waxy layer is the one responsible for keeping the leaf from getting waterlogged. Then the leaves are pressed for a week's time, partially dried and mounted artfully and glued on our sustainable all-natural handcrafted fabric canvases/wooden panels. It's an intensive process, taking about 3 weeks from the time of picking to having the leaf placed on the fabric canvas/wooden panel.

It’s taken several years to perfect the process and the skill to allow the leaves to remain intact, flexible and still retain their color — This is why no one offers such artwork and it won’t for years to come”