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While living in Bangkok, Thailand, I discovered a creative escape from city life and technology called Himapan Gallery Bangkok. I learned to paint on real lotus leaves that had been dried and mounted on canvases


Who knew how relaxing painting on actual lotus leaves would be!?!

I found that lotus leaves have a beautiful natural texture and quality that cannot be found elsewhere and would make anyone look like a seasoned artist regardless of painting experience or expertise. I quickly became drawn into the experience and wanted to learn more!

Himapan is said to be a legendary forest in Himalayan Mountains, below the Buddhist heavens. It is invisible to the eyes of mortals, who can never approach  this world of peace and harmony. 

Enter this place of creativity with our unique experience.

Fast forward to today!

I am excited to announce Himapan Gallery Viginia - DC is now here for a fun relaxing escape from the pace of Northern Virginia - and Greater DC Metro area!

Gather your friends, family or co-workers for a new and one-of-a-kind painting experience.  

Bring "Zen" energy to your life with a beautiful lotus leaf painting. It will be a great opportunity to release your inner Rembrandt and have fun!

For more information and dates for booking a party please contact me at 703-200-4068